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WSJ Publishes Tammie’s Journey on “If You’re the One”

WSJ Publishes Tammie's Journey on
Tammie Harrison, a 2011 graduate of Hopkins-Nanjing Center whose experience on the Chinese dating show 非诚勿扰 “If You’re the One” the HNC News Community covered in February has just had her reflection on the experience published in the Wall Street Journal, titled “My Life as a Chinese Dating-Game Star.” Tammie is currently Tammie on "If You're the One" Tammie Harrison,... 

Historic Finish for HNC Dragonboat Team

Historic Finish for HNC Dragonboat Team
The last dragonboats in the semifinal rounds rowed out to take their places at the starting line. The HNC Dragonboat was anxiously waiting on-shore, sitting in fourth place, the last qualifying spot for the finals. If no other boats could best their time, HNC would be guaranteed with their best finish ever. The Dragonboat festival has been a long-honored tradition in Asia. Twenty-six teams from around...