Hotspots Map 热点地图

Below you’ll find a map of Nanjing hotspots: restaurants, bars, snack carts, and anything else of interest to Hopkins-Nanjing Center students in Nanjing. The map is supported and updated by interested HNC students using the Google Maps service. Contact us to help out!

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A full list of Nanjing hotspots that have been reviewed by HNC网 is located here. Some past reviews of hotspots in Nanjing include:

Korean Barbecue 韩国烧烤

Michael Carbone : March 9, 2011 : Korean, restaurant

A draw for Korean students looking for cheap and tasty eats, Korean Barbecue provides both in spades to those willing to find the hidden gem.

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The Me@ting Point: Authentic Italian

Ray Wang : February 3, 2011 : Italian, restaurant

In keeping with its vision of bringing together customers from different cultural backgrounds, Me@ting Point has become just that, a meeting place for both foreigners and locals to relax and perhaps even discover Italian cuisine for the first time.

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