WSJ Publishes Tammie's Journey on
Tammie Harrison, a 2011 graduate of Hopkins-Nanjing Center whose experience on the Chinese dating show 非诚勿扰 “If You’re the One” the HNC News Community covered in February has just had her reflection on the experience published in the Wall Street Journal, titled “My Life as a Chinese Dating-Game... 
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Historic Finish for HNC Dragonboat Team
The last dragonboats in the semifinal rounds rowed out to take their places at the starting line. The HNC Dragonboat was anxiously waiting on-shore, sitting in fourth place, the last qualifying spot for the finals. If no other boats could best their time, HNC would be guaranteed with their best finish ever. The Dragonboat... 
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// Jul 1st, 2011
At 8:00 AM on Thursday, May 26th, 59 students at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center began the second assassins game of the academic year, dubbed by its organizers as “Assassins: Death at the Fish Pond.” In the days running up to this morbid contest of guts, guile and grit, the participants were issued water guns... 
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Jujutsu in the Courtyard
On June 1st, HNCers gathered in the courtyard for a tournament a year in the making. For the past two semesters the Chinese American Jujutsu club (CAJJ or 中美柔術) has been learning and practicing the art of jujutsu (柔術) under fellow student Gene Yu: “I’m so proud of the CAJJ class that we held–... 
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Meet Jason Patent

// May 15th, 2011
Meet Jason Patent
As the academic year draws to a close at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, students are inevitably thinking about summer plans, job prospects, and the like, but for first-year MA students and those joining the Center in the fall, there is talk in the air about the new American Co-Director. After two short tenures by interim... 
Negotiating Cyber Warfare
The beginning of informal talks between China and the USA regarding ongoing cyber attacks. Technology has changed the way people communicate. And the way countries can wage war. With information systems now connecting countries all over the world, these systems have opened up new avenues for commerce and communication,... 
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